Registration Fees

  • Lead 3.0 Symposium Attendee: $349
  • Teams of 3 or more (must register at same time with single payment): $249 each
  • One Day Rate (Thursday or Friday): $179
  • Pre-Approved Co-Presenter: $249
  • Adminstrators-in-Training: $149

Register online using credit card or purchase order here. If you need to request a purchase order please use this online process and enter #1234 in the purchase order number request box. You will receive a confirmation page with a description of fees for your use in your district PO requisition process. Once you have received your purchase order number please follow the directions for sending the information to us. Please note that your registration is not complete until we have a valid purchase order or other payment.


14 Responses to Register

  1. Anita Moose says:

    I am currently a technology integration specialist and training for administration. What detail do you need for me to qualify as an ‘Adminstrators-in-Training: $149’.

    Thank you so much,
    Anita Moose
    Technology Integration Specialist
    Aspen School District
    Aspen, CO 81611

  2. Danelle Bowron says:

    Please indicate which administration program you are in.

  3. JWagner says:

    Would being a candidate of the CETPA CTO Mentorship program count for the Adminsitrators-in-Training rate?
    Thank you,

  4. Danelle Bowron says:

    Yes, you would qualify for that rate – if you are not currently an administrator and are in the program.

  5. Shawn Phillips says:

    I would like to register for the April 3.0 CUE Conference! Call me (310) 910-2056.

  6. Danelle Bowron says:

    We are accepting registrations online for this event. Please click here to be taken to registration page.

  7. Dev says:

    Are you accepting proposals for presentation for the Spring 2016 event? If so, please direct me to the link.

  8. Wondering if I am eligible for the Administer in training rate. I am enrolled in the San Diego County Office of Education PASC – Preliminary Administrative Credential program. Thank you!

  9. Danelle Bowron says:

    Yes that would qualify you for the Admin in Training Rate.

  10. Ann Bates says:

    We would like to substitute a registration since the person registered cannot make the conference. Is this possible?

  11. Danelle Bowron says:

    Yes please contact Michael Dawson at to send in your substitute request.

  12. Shannon says:

    Are Saturdays workshops free of cost?

  13. Mike says:

    Registration in one workshop is included in the Lead 3 Symposium attendee registration fee, but you need to pre-register on-site if you haven’t already!

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